Hey, hey Amazing People! My name is Chelsie King.

Who Am I?


I am a free-spirited, genuine, and dope serial entrepreneur made in the amazing state of Michigan. I believe in producing work that is intentional, unrestrained and inspirational. I also believe in impacting lives not just on the surface level but changing the narrative of peoples lives internally to externally. I love all things creative and I'm really EXCITED to share this amazing journey called life, love and hustle with you.



As an entrepreneur, it is a responsibility to impact and add value by remaining positive, being consistent, and putting forth the hard work to help your community build and grow daily. Never forget your mission - never forget your "why". My love for entrepreneurship, my community and creativity stems back to the age of 5. I began developing the skillset to become a true leader, a true creative and a change maker business woman.

At Howard University

Graduating from Howard University in 2015 with my Finance Degree and being surrounded by culture that heightened my creative process as an artist, leader and entrepreneur was a true blessing. Post graduation, I decided to begin

interviewing in places such as New York and DC but found myself coming back to the place that birthed me - Detroit, Michigan. In the beginning, I was very unsure about my return but I found love in a city that truly defines what it means to be resilient. It was in Detroit where I was able to enhance my styling abilities in the fashion world, build my sound in the music industry & define the true meaning of being an entrepreneur. The city gave me more heart and for that, I'm grateful. Detroit will always be my home and why I am who I am today.