Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Yes, I love to be swaggy in everything that I do. I receive a lot of compliments on this outfit anytime that I wear it. It's simple yet classy and that's why I wanted to share it with you.

It can go as far as being a great outfit for a date night or even a simple cute brunch outfit with your girls (we all love brunches, don't we?).

For all the budget friendly people out there, this outfit cost me less than $75 and didn't take long to put together. I also hope you got the title. Be swaggy, don't lack it.

Jacket: The Limited

Top: Nastygal

Reversible Skirt: Made by yours truly

Belt: The Limited

Shoes: Macy's

Styling Tip: Less is more. When you have a top that is a statement piece, most times there's no need to add a statement piece of jewelry as well. Let the outfit speak for itself. It'll do all the talking.

"KISS: Keep It Simple Sis"

Submitted with Love,


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