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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Are you shopping on a budget? Are you tired of spending too much and not getting what you need? Shopping on a budget is not easy. It takes strategy and intention on what you want to get. Most times, we lose site of what we actually need by what we want. We have you covered with our five short tips on how to shop on a budget and do it with style.

Create a List & a Budget

It’s simple, in order to get what you want, you have to know what you want. Creating a list and a budget is very important when keeping coins in your pocket. It solidifies a plan to help you with your brand. Remember, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Get Creative

It may take cutting an old t-shirt, changing dresses into skirts or tying a dress to create a top; just get creative, no matter what. Fashion is not about coloring within the lines. Think outside the box. This will do wonders for your budget.

Buy During Off-Seasons

When is the best time to buy? The answer is during the off-season. The reason for this is simple. During the off-season, retailers are getting rid of clothes from past seasons. For instance, if you were to shop during the fall season, you would find most retailers getting rid of summer clothes. The price would drastically be reduced and the clothing would still be considered high quality. The same is true with other seasons as well. As long as you shop during the off-season, you will find that you can continue to purchase items and remain within your budget.

Quality over Quantity

With most things in life, we need to choose quality over quantity. When shopping on a budget, there is no difference. Do not just buy just to buy. Determine how you want to look, who you are becoming, what your brand is, and choose items that are quality so that you are able to work with them more than once.

3 or More Rule

The three or more rule is a way that I shop often. Before I purchase an item, I see if the specific item can be worn three or more ways. If the item can be worn three or more ways, it’s a great buy. If the item cannot be worn more than three ways, it’s simple I do not purchase it. Trust me, this rule will take you far and your pockets will thank you later.

Submitted with Love,

Chelsie King

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